Alliance Energy Group

Alliance Energy Group

About Us

Our mission at Alliance Energy is to safely provide a clean, reliable supply of electricity to meet the critical demands of our society, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of environmental stewardship.

We continuously strive for improved efficiency and environmental performance. We are committed to the research and development of sustainable, renewable energy resources. 

Through our dedicated and resourceful employees, our work is conducted with the utmost respect for the environment and for the communities we serve.

Behind the vision of Alliance Energy is its Founder and Chairman, Sam Nappi. Mr. Nappi sees the energy world in a global context of responsibility and opportunity. 

"The World of Energy is changing rapidly. Energy Conservation can help slow Global Warming, and everyone can play a part today. As the world works to develop cleaner fuel sources, world demand has not slowed and alternative energy will need a bridge to the future. Today Utility Scale batteries provide an important Conservation & Management solution for conventional and renewable resources. This is why Alliance is building battery farms in New York, California and Colorado."