About Us

LA Solar Group was founded in 2010, with one van, one crew, and not much else, aside from a total devotion to anyone willing to trust us with their solar project. In the years since, a lot has changed – today, we have dozens of employees and a wide network of installation crews completing hundreds of projects every week – but the one thing that will never change is that devotion to our customers. For us, it’s about more than our reputation – it’s about our promise to customers, to help them take advantage of new technologies to improve their lives, and to take care of their home in the process. It’s the promise we made to our very first customers when we only had one van, and it’s the same promise we’ll make to you today. Thank you for giving LA Solar a look – we would love to work with you and be your partner on this journey, and you can count on the same personal dedication that has been our promise for all these years. We’ll talk to you soon!