About Us

Mission Clean Energy (“Mission”) is a values-driven company focused on accelerating the clean energy transition. Our mission is to decarbonize the grid responsibly, one renewable energy project at a time. We are leading the way by providing clean, abundant, and reliable energy to communities throughout the US. Our staff is located in Arizona, California, Colorado, New York, Montana, Texas, Washington DC, and beyond.

Mission is well-capitalized and uniquely positioned to grow and execute on our expanding pipeline. With decades of combined experience, the Mission team expertly manages even the most complicated projects from concept to completion, and helps utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, and corporate customers deliver dependable, customized energy solutions.

Our uniquely tailored strategies, well-targeted site campaigns, and ability to navigate complex development efforts have resulted in over 4 gigawatts of contracted and operational projects. Our extensive experience reduces risk and maximizes the viability of every project we develop.

Our team is united in our passion for renewable energy and storage and their role in creating positive impacts on local communities while decarbonizing the grid. Every step of the way, we work with host communities to create jobs, deliver tax dollars and contribute to the betterment of the locations in which we operate.