About Us


PosiGen is working to implement solar power for all. We want solar to be affordable and easy to access, especially for underserved communities. By making solar more accessible through our solar leasing program, we are making it possible for families in these communities to invest in their homes, reduce energy costs, and take steps toward a brighter future. 


We are making a difference in our communities and our world with solar power. By ensuring the families in the underserved communities we serve have access to affordable solar power, we can support PosiGen’s four primary goals.


In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, the people of New Orleans sought to rebuild. They wanted to make their homes better, more efficient, and more affordable. During this time there were 16 different programs available to help rebuild stronger, but in practice, these initiatives were only accessible to wealthy residents. Families in underserved communities—which made up quite a bit of the New Orleans population—were not able to afford these home upgrades, putting them at an even greater disadvantage compared to wealthier families.


PosiGen’s founders saw this disparity and wanted to do something about it. We knew that we could help disadvantaged persons to rebuild their homes and re-establish their lives. So we got to work.