About Us

Founded in 2010 by close friends who still have a hand in every job we do and though not actually related have built Skyline around a family-owned culture with one goal in mind, create a positive experience for every homeowner we have the opportunity to work with.


What does that mean? It means putting the customer first, building customer-focused programs, using the highest quality materials, the best teams, delivering on every deadline, and executing on every guarantee. It’s this mindset that drives us to be better every day and has made Skyline Solar one of the nation’s leading installers.

Currently, we offer residential and small to medium-sized commercial installation services.

We strive to ensure that we offer the most current technologies and are always looking for what’s next to be able to offer solutions that will improve energy usage, spending, and the overall home environment.


And while Skyline Solar has the resources of any of the largest names in the industry we will always deliver the attention and care of a family-owned business. We always follow the simple philosophy of “treat every home like it is owned by someone in your family

The Skyline Experience

Another benefit of working with Skyline as your solar installer is that we take the burden off of our clients by completing and submitting all necessary paperwork regarding available local, state and federal rebates, permit requirements, and any other required documents. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering the Skyline Experience. 


Currently, there are both tax credits on the Federal level as well as many State-specific incentives and/or rebates available to save you money when installing a solar power system…


Skyline Solar is dedicated to providing attention to detail and communicating regularly with our customers throughout the entire solar installation. Unlike many contractors, our full-time customer service team is always accessible and available to you, whether you are a homeowner or a sales partner. Our current customer relationship software allows us to give our customers up to the minute information without any delay. When you call Skyline Solar, you are able to get the answers you need regarding your specific project simply by calling us at 732-354-3111.