About Us

A disruptive solar solution for the multi-trillion dollar electricity generation market

By solving key industry challenges and building on the highest performing material system, our Thin Film 2.0 technology positions Solactron to offer a high-impact solar solution with highest efficiency and lowest cost at gigawatt scale.

About Solactron

Solactron, Inc. is a leading solar technology company based in the Silicon Valley that aims to deliver high performance monolithically integrated solar modules on glass substrates with highest efficiency and lowest cost at gigawatt scale, using our innovative Thin Film 2.0 technology.

Solactron’s proprietary and differentiated process solves key challenges facing typical Thin Film manufacturing processes, positioning Solactron to deliver solar solutions with a better bottom line. Our technology is based on a tunable compound chemistry, which allows for highest efficiency runway (>34%) by utilizing > 95% of the solar spectrum

With the world transitioning towards sustainable energy and with accelerating global public policy investment, Solactron is positioned to play a substantial role by building gigawatt-scale solar PV manufacturing capacity in the coming years – contributing to the elimination of gigatons of CO2 emissions while tapping into outsized return on investment.


Our Thin Film 2.0 technology positions Solactron to deliver the next generation of scalable solar PV solutions.

Thin Film solar cells, based on Chalcopyrite thin films, are the most efficient and highest performing, compared with other commercially viable thin film solar cells in the Solar PV market. However, because of complicated manufacturing processes, currently available Chalcopyrite Thin Film technologies are expensive and difficult to scale, which prevents them from capturing more market share. Our Thin Film 2.0 differentiated technology has numerous advantages as it overcomes key manufacturing challenges that prevented Solar PV based on Chalcopyrite Thin Films from capturing more market share.

Our proprietary process is simplified, controllable, scalable, and has high throughput and yield, solving key challenges and enabling Solactron to deliver solar PV solutions that outcompete other technologies on both performance and cost.