About Us

What We Do

We make the switch to solar a simple, fast & affordable process. 

Say no to high-pressure, bait-and-switch sales tactics! You can make the switch without leaving your house because we can take care of it all online! 

It’s simple, you work directly with us, we handle the entire project, and you save more money with less hassle!

Financing rates as low as 0.49% and NO MONEY DOWN! 

You won’t need to spend a single penny out of pocket to get top notch, tier-1 solar equipment at the best prices available. 

Looking for a contractor that will install equipment you purchased? 

Look no further! Our master electrician is happy to work with homeowners to install solar equipment they already own!

At Solar All Over, we feel that most other solar companies lack a commitment to their customers’ true needs and their ultimate satisfaction. Solar All Over was formed on the foundation that “going-solar” should be a quick and simple switch. It is a change that is just as important for saving the environment as it is for saving money and can be made with full transparency and done without shady salespeople or unethical sales tactics!

We are committed to providing our customers with true, relevant statistics backed by information from factually-sound sources. Saving customers as much money as possible while helping them take control over skyrocketing prices charged by utility companies is only part of our mission. Owning your very own rooftop “solar power plant” is a long-term investment, and we plan on being there for our customers every step of the way! So generations from now, when the grandchildren are buying their very first home, we’ll only be a phone call away; or a quick text message, so we can come to help them save money by owning their own power too!