About Us

Founded in 1998, SunPower by Solar Technologies has installed more than 250,000 solar panels and 6,000+ solar energy systems for home and business owners in California.

We focus on grid‐tied, behind‐the‐meter PV solar projects for commercial, municipal, non‐profit and residential customers throughout California. Over the past two decades, we've established ourselves as one of the most accomplished and respected installers across the greater San Francisco Bay Area and take pride in the solar projects we've completed for local home and business owners. 

We attribute our success to our team and our commitment to offering high efficiency, reasonably priced solar energy products. Our experienced solar installers, award-winning customer service and a best-in-industry 25-year warranty make Solar Technologies a leading choice for clean energy solutions.

This is why so many customers have trusted us to install and care for their solar panel power systems and why a leading manufacturer such as SunPower has named us their exclusive Bay Area Master Dealer.

With 25 years of experience, thousands of customers, award-winning service and teams conveniently located in Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Ramon, there’s no installation we can’t handle and no one better equipped to help you save money and become a more sustainable home or business.

We partner with our customers to help develop custom solar energy solutions for homes and businesses. Whether you're interested in solar, battery backup, EV charging solutions, or a combination of clean energy solutions to maximize your savings - our team has the resources and experience to meet your needs. Solar is a valuable investment and we will help you take advantage of reliable solar savings for decades to come.

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