About Us

With regional offices in California and Nevada, and a network of dealers in North America and around the globe, Suntrek Industries is a family run business with old fashion values. We are professionals in solar energy solutions.

A manufacturer, equipment integrator, and licensed solar contractor, we are a one-stop resource for all the solar needs of residential, commercial, and government markets.

Our business is based on traditional values of hard work, integrity, and personalized service. Knowing that there are no shortcuts for quality, we have steadily grown to the company we are today.

Financially strong, we own our offices, manufacturing facilities, and trucks. In addition, we employ a complete team of professionals in-house, eliminating the need to outsource. Over the years, we have established close ties with developers, building code enforcement, homeowners’ associations, and many others who help us ensure smooth, successful installations.

From managers who are respected pioneers in solar technology to manufacturer-trained installers who have installed thousands of systems, our team provides an unmatched level of expertise and experience. We put our skills to work for you to make sure you receive the best return on investment with no hassles.

It is our goal to create a better future by making solar power so easy, reliable, and cost effective that, soon, every home and business will be powered by the sun. We continue to grow on the leading edge of the solar energy revolution as we expand into new territories, invest in research and development, and increase manufacturing capacity.