About Us

The transition from 2nd generation cellular protocols such as

GSM/GPRS and CDMA 2000 to 3rd and 4th generation standards such as edge, UMTS, and EVDO has drastically increased the amount of data that needs to be backhauled.

Teracom Services, LCC(VTW) provides high capacity backhaul

transport services for mobile services providers, services companies,

and government entities. We utilize licensed microwave frequencies to augment and extend seamlessly existing fiber backbones and rings in locations where the economics of deploying fixed-wire media for last-mile broadband connections are unfavorable.

In addition to our product portfolio, Teracom offers a full range of services from site surveys to complete turnkey solutions, allowing operators to extend their reach and expand the services of their core network with high capacity reliable, guaranteed QOS broadband services.