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Before Westcoast Solar Energy (WSE) was founded in 2009, our company’s co-founders worked at the leading national company, Akeena Solar. The experience they gained working at Akeena helped pave the way for our venture’s simple and effective business model: provide better solar equipment at a similar cost. 

Back in 2009, Westcoast Solar Energy concentrated on commercial solar installations. By running the entirety of the solar project in-house, we offered a level of installation quality well above industry standards. Within three months, we hired the best of the Akeena team and began to establish our reputation for quality, trouble-free installations in Northern California. Click here to see our solar energy jobs.

At the time, the residential market was flooded with solar companies trying to make their mark on the industry. Working with commercial solar installations, we developed a deep understanding of different system designs and the intricacies of government incentives, including the Federal Tax Credit and Net Energy Metering programs. We also developed a deep understanding of how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of solar installations. 

What makes WSE different is how our company is one of the few still in business since 2009. Our experienced operations and maintenance teams have worked on a wide range of solar systems, including those no longer around today. Working on repairing broken solar panels, improving solar installations, and bringing systems back to peak performance despite not being the initial solar installers helped build our knowledge and ability to provide quality service. 

The biggest difference in what constitutes “value” in a solar project is a simple philosophy that rings true from the smallest residential project to the largest commercial installations: the best solar systems yield the most useful life with the lowest cost of ownership. 

At Westcoast Solar Energy, everything we do is based on the philosophy that longevity = the lowest cost of ownership. Systems that operate with minimal issues for the longest period of time will produce the most power and the best value. We maximize efficiency through high-quality, intelligently designed, expert installations by our experienced crew members all under one roof. 

Customers choose Westcoast Solar Energy because we’re good at what we do, and we do what we say we will. With hundreds of projects successfully completed, WSE is the fastest-growing solar company and one of the largest commercial and residential solar installers in Northern California.

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