About Us

Our Story

While Sun Solar was created in 2012, founder Caleb Arthur always had a mind for business. Following a career-ending injury while working as a law enforcement officer, he found a new passion in solar energy. After installing his own ground mount in an effort to save money, he saw the opportunity to share his drive for business with his enthusiasm for solar energy. During the day, he would single-handedly install solar systems while knocking on doors at night to sell systems. The company has gone from a single-man operation to being named one of the top solar energy companies in Missouri by several trade publications.

Sun Solar is distinct from other solar companies for our commitment to energy efficiency in addition to solar power. Our theory to “reduce before you produce” helps our customers to save more money while saving the planet. In fact, our Smart Energy Solutions division is devoted entirely to auditing homes and business to find opportunities for energy efficiency. From the beginning of an installation through the lifespan of a solar system, our mission is to help our customers to reduce both their energy bills and environmental damage to our planet.