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FlexEnergy Solutions specializes in producing clean energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

Carbon neutrality is not achievable through renewables alone. Despite goals for a carbon-neutral future, the share of renewable energy sources in North American electricity generation had only reached about 12% in 2020. Numerous studies indicate that the U.S. must multiply current U.S. renewable energy deployment by at least two to three times in order to meet the nation’s decarbonization goals. Today’s operating renewables come with resiliency and reliability challenges and require support from traditional generation methods in order to perform at scale. While strides continue to be made, the fact is that today’s energy system still depends on a number of resources and fossil fuels, with natural gas being the cleanest and most abundant of these sources.

FlexEnergy Solutions is a dedicated organization of engineering, technology, and data-driven professionals who provide clean, flexible power solutions to industrial and commercial institutions that require consistent, reliable power ranging from 250 kW to 10 MW.

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